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You will never look at a penis the same way again!

PENIOLOGY: A science so SHOCKING, that the medical and scientific community tried to bury it, is finally EXPOSED!

What was it about the science of Peniology that outraged Napoleon, inspired Darwin, caused a feminist revolt, fueled the protests of the 70's, and almost ripped the FBI in half? Why does the medical and academic community continue to deny its existence? Peniology, a practice once so diffused that Tine Magazine called it the science that changed the course of history. Now, the real story "THEY" didn't want you to know about has finally been exposed in this gripping book, Peniology:The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading (An Occasionally True Story)!

You may be asking yourselves, "Just what is Peniology?" Well, Peniology is very much like its sister science, Phrenology, which calculated a person's character by measuring various aspects of their head. Peniology does the same. However, instead of using characteristics of a man's head, Peniology uses aspects of the penis instead.  

For Mature Audiences

You Don't Need a Penis to Enjoy It!

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A Book Not For the Faint of Heart!

Peniology The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading, a book of historic magnitude (occasionally) that answers the questions: Why are we so obsessed with the male organ? Does size really matters? What does a penis say about a man? And why is my boss such a dick? All is revealed, and even more, as you penetrated the pages of this outrageously entertaining beautifully written and illustrated 200 page book filled with photos, illustrations, titillating word play and story-telling all about this notorious science.